125 Years in the Making

To celebrate our 125th anniversary, we went deep into the heart of Quebec in search of a 125-year-old maple tree. After searching long and hard for the perfect maple, we finally found a tree as old as Dare itself. We then carefully collected its sap to make maple syrup for this limited-edition batch of our classic maple cookie. 125 years in the making — from our family to yours.

Dare. Made Better.

Making food better for Canadian families is a promise we take seriously. That’s why we’ve gone to such great lengths to get the very best ingredients since the day we opened our doors 125 years ago.

For this limited-edition batch of cookies, we headed to the Vigneault family sugar bush in Saint-Sophie-d’Halifax, Quebec to find our 125-year-old tree and make this special maple syrup. Just like Dare, their sugar bush is a family business and has been passed down for four generations. It’s no wonder then why their maple syrup is some of the best in Canada — it’s made with passion, love, and an expertise that goes back centuries.

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