Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products kosher certified?

At Dare, we have a number of kosher-certified options which can be identified by the symbol on the pack. To check if a specific product is certified, please visit the Made Better facts section on the product page on the Dare website.

Do you use gelatin in your product? Where is the gelatin in your product derived from?

At Dare, there are a number of great gelatin-free options in our candy, cookie, and cracker portfolios. For specifics on each product, please refer to the product page on the Dare website. For Dare products that do contain gelatin, the gelatin is derived from pork with the exception of Ultimate Cinnamon Danish cookies, which are made using kosher beef gelatin.

Where can I find promotions/coupons?

Generally, coupons for Dare products are associated with in-store promotions or various other promotional activities, such as flyers and direct mail. The best way to stay informed about special discount offers is through our Facebook pages:

My chocolate sometimes turns tan or white. What causes this?

As part of Dare's Made Better promise, we use ingredients like real chocolate in our food. Real chocolate is very delicate and if it’s not stored properly, a white/tan coating, called blooming, can occur. To put your mind at ease, blooming is safe to eat as it's simply the separation and rising of the cocoa butter to the surface of the product. To avoid bloom, you should always store your real chocolate products in a cool dark place between 18°C and 20°C.

How can I request a donation from Dare for my event/charity?

At Dare, we believe that giving something back to the community is an important responsibility. As such, we have chosen to direct our support by donating to the United Way in all communities in which we have offices.