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Meteo Strawberry

For a taste that truly tempts, treat yourself to this delightful strawberry flavoured peanut free snack!

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  • Prepared in Quebec
  • Low in sodium

Going on a road trip? Pack a box of Meteo for a delicious pick-me-up along the way!

Meteo Strawberry Peanut Free Cookies


  • Chocolatey coating (sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, cocoa, salt, sorbitan tristearate, soya lecithin, artificial flavour), sugar/glucose-fructose, wheat flour, vegetable oil shortening (contains modified palm oil and canola oil), apple puree, strawberry puree, salt, corn starch, whey powder, vegetable glycerin, baking soda, pectin, ammonium bicarbonate, citric acid, sodium acid pyrophosphate, potassium sorbate, locust bean gum, natural and artificial flavour, sulphites, colour (contains tartrazine).

allergy information

  • Baked in a peanut free facility
  • Contains wheat, soya and milk

made better facts

  • Prepared in Quebec
  • Low in sodium