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Vinta Roasted Red Pepper

Discover the authentic taste of savoury, roasted red peppers fresh off the summer grill. Try them dipped, topped or enjoy them all on their own for a truly satisfying and versatile snack.

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  • Delicious taste of 8 grains and seeds
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Trans fat free

Late nights at the office? Keep a box of Vinta crackers in your desk for a premium snack that you deserve.

Vinta Roasted Red Pepper Crackers


  • Wheat flour, soya oil, sugar, whole seeds and grains (mustard seeds, poppy seeds, malted wheat flakes, malted barley flour, rye flakes, wheat flakes, sunflower seeds, millet, sesame seeds), dehydrated red pepper, modified palm oil, canola oil, vinegar, salt, wheat gluten, hydrogenated sunflower oil, modified milk ingredients, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, tocopherols, spices, protease, pentosanase, natural flavour, soya lecithin, TBHQ, citric acid.

allergy information

  • Baked in a peanut free facility
  • Contains wheat, barley, rye, soya, milk, mustard seeds and sesame seeds

made better facts

  • Delicious taste of 8 grains and seeds
  • Kosher dairy OU-D
  • Low in saturated fat
  • No cholesterol
  • Peanut free
  • Source of iron
  • Trans fat free