Our Foodservice Offering

Our tradition of providing healthier snack options continues as we strive to live up to our promise of Made Better foods. From peanut-free to whole grain options, enjoy our delicious Dare Food products away from home.

  • Boulangerie Grissol Croutons & Fine Breads

    • A variety of croutons available in bulk and portion packs. They are perfect for salads, soups or as a topping in baked dishes.
    • Melba Toast and Bread Sticks in our two-pack format are ideal for soups and stews, bread baskets, appetizers or a simple on-the-go offering.

  • Dare Crackers

    • Breton crackers, our flagship cracker brand, are great with dips, as an appetizer, on a catering platter or as a cafeteria offering.
    • Breton has four gluten free varieties, including Original Flax, Herb Garlic, White Bean with Salt & Pepper, and Black Bean with Onion & Garlic.

  • Dare Cookies

    • Bear Paws are a great, peanut-free snack for all ages.
    • Simple Pleasures “made with 10 or less simple ingredients" are available in both bulk and two-pack options.
    • With the wide assortment of cookie textures and flavours, they are perfect for dessert garnishes, ice cream, frozen yogourt and more!

  • Dare Ingredients

    • Bread Crumbs and Cracker Meal are ideal as a breading, coating or as a binder to enhance the texture of your dishes.
    • Chocolate Cookie Crumb and Graham Crumb have many uses including cake bases and fillings, parfaits and sundae toppings.

  • Dare Candy Co. & Fruit Snacks

    • Individually wrapped mints serve as a thank you to your guests or a grab-and-go treat. Scotch Mints, Striped Mints, Chocolate Mints and Hospitality Mix are some of the varieties available.
    • Traditional candy favourites, like Jelly Beans, Jubes, Gummies and Sour Cherries, are available in bulk and vending packs (varies by flavour).
    • REALFRUIT Candy is plant-based (no animal gelatin), made with real fruit purées and no artificial colours or flavours. Available in portion pouches and caddy packs!