Our Foodservice Offering

Our tradition of providing healthier snack options continues as we strive to live up to our promise of Made Better foods. From peanut-free to whole grain options, enjoy our delicious Dare Food products away from home.

  • Dare Foods

    Boulangerie Grissol Croutons & Fine Breads

    • A variety of croutons available in bulk and portion packs. They are perfect for salads, soups or as a topping in baked dishes.
    • Melba Toast and Bread Sticks in our two-pack format are ideal for soups and stews, bread baskets, appetizers or a simple on-the-go offering.

  • Dare Foods

    Dare Crackers

    • Breton crackers, our flagship cracker brand, are great with dips, as an appetizer, on a catering platter or as a cafeteria offering.
    • Breton has four gluten-free varieties, including Original Flax, Herb Garlic, White Bean with Salt & Pepper, and Black Bean with Onion & Garlic.

  • Dare Foods

    Dare Cookies

    • Bear Paws are a great, peanut-free snack for all ages.
    • Simple Pleasures “made with 10 or less simple ingredients" are available in both bulk and two-pack options.
    • With the wide assortment of cookie textures and flavours, they are perfect for dessert garnishes, ice cream, frozen yogourt and more!

  • Dare Foods

    Dare Ingredients

    • Bread Crumbs and Cracker Meal are ideal as a breading, coating or as a binder to enhance the texture of your dishes.
    • Chocolate Cookie Crumb and Graham Crumb have many uses including cake bases and fillings, parfaits and sundae toppings.

  • Dare Foods

    Dare Candy Co. & Fruit Snacks

    • Individually wrapped mints serve as a thank you to your guests or a grab-and-go treat. Scotch Mints, Striped Mints, Chocolate Mints and Hospitality Mix are some of the varieties available.
    • Traditional candy favourites, like Jelly Beans, Jubes, Gummies and Sour Cherries, are available in bulk and vending packs (varies by flavour).
    • REALFRUIT Candy is plant-based (no animal gelatin), made with real fruit purées and no artificial colours or flavours. Available in portion pouches and caddy packs!

What's New with Foodservice

Dare Foods

Single Serve

For today's grab-and-go menu, we offer a variety of single-serve, savoury and sweet snacks. Conveniently packed in a bulk case. They are peanut-free and made in Canada.

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Dare Foods

Homestyle Croutons

Boulangerie Grissol Homestyle Croutons are a deliciously seasoned, golden brown Homestyle cut crouton with a light and crunchy texture. They are perfect as a tasty addition to soups and salads.

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Dare Foods

Chocolate Cookie Crumb and Graham Crumb

Dare Chocolate Cookie Crumb and Graham Crumb are available in bulk sizes from 5kg to 13kg.

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