Made Better
is our Dare promise.

Made Better isn’t just a claim; it’s our Dare promise. Our range of delicious crackers, cookies, fine bread and candy are Made Better for your family by using only the very best ingredients. Made Better with a passion for innovation and by taking inspiration from your always changing needs.

With the wisdom that comes from over 132 years of perfecting our craft, Made Better informs everything we do at Dare. Why? Because, we believe every occasion from snack time to lunchtime, family time or entertaining always deserves better.

Full of what you want.
Free of what you don’t.

Your peace of mind is our top priority. Our rigorous production processes ensure that those with food allergies, sensitivities and preferences have safe snacking options that can be enjoyed at home, school, work and on the go.


All our delicious snacks are prepared in a peanut-free facility. Our careful commitment includes:

  • Prohibiting any peanuts from being brought into Dare facilities
  • Screening all raw materials
  • Testing finished products
  • Swabbing lines to ensure there are no residual allergens in our facilities

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Free Products

No Artificial
Colours or Flavours

We offer many options without artificial colours or flavours.

  • We use natural colours from plant and mineral sources
  • Our REALFRUIT candy is made better with no artificial colours or flavours
  • All of our bakery products, are made with natural flavours
  • Every NEW Dare product is made without artificial colours or flavours

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No Artificial Colours or Flavours


We offer a range of Gluten Free products and are committed to following best practices:

  • Separating and screening all raw materials
  • Testing finished products
  • Swabbing lines to ensure there are no residual allergens in our facilities

Our Breton Gluten Free crackers are produced in a facility proudly certified to the only gluten free program endorsed by the Canadian Celiac Association.

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Free Products

More choice. More ways to enjoy.

We craft great snacks to meet a variety of needs and preferences. Providing choice matters to us, which is why we continue to grow our brands and products to give you more ways to enjoy with Dare. Take a look at where we’ve started and where we’re going

Real Ingredients

Real Ingredients

We are committed to real, which is why we choose real ingredients instead of artificial substitutes. After all, it’s as much about what we don’t put into our products as what we do. Here are a few ways we are keeping it real:

  • We use real chocolate in many of our cookies, including our popular Bear Paws, Whippet and Simple Pleasures brands
  • Real cheese is baked into many of our delicious crackers, including our Breton Cheddar Bites snack crackers
  • Our Dare Ultimate Maple Crème cookies are made with real Canadian maple syrup
  • Real fruits and vegetables are used across a variety of our products including Bear Paws Veggies & Fruits cookies
  • We use a mix of real seeds and grains in our bakery products

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Whole Grains

Whole Grains

Dare is a proud partner of the Whole Grains Council

  • We carry their stamp on over 12 of our whole grain products
  • When you see the stamp, you can rest assured that a Dare product is approved to provide a significant source of whole grains (at least 8 grams per serving)
  • Whole grains include wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, quinoa, sorghum, spelt and rye – when eaten in their complete (“whole”) form

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Dairy Free/Plant Based

Dairy Free/Plant Based

We make dairy free and plant-based products to better meet the needs of Canadians and provide more choice for those with sensitivities, dietary needs or personal preference.

We are committed to growing our range of non-dairy and plant based offerings across the many brands our consumers know and love, and crafting new products for even more to enjoy.

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Reduced Sugar

Reduced Sugar

We know that many Canadians are looking to reduce their sugar consumption, and don’t want to have to give up the satisfaction of great tasting, crave-worthy snacks in doing so.

We believe snacking should be a pleasure for all. That’s why we:

  • Are expanding the number of products with lower sugar content*, without compromising on taste or texture.
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols in any of our products
  • Have introduced more ways to help you easily identify the sugar content in all of our products.
*Lower than 10% daily value sugars per serving

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Cage Free Eggs

Cage Free Eggs

As part of our commitment and concern for the welfare of animals, Dare has set a goal to source only cage-free eggs by 2025*.

*Target year commitment and volume are dependent on the availability of supply.

Look for the Stamp!

We strive to make snacks that provide taste, enjoyment and peace of mind on quality and nutrition. That’s why we proudly commit to the high standards of reputable, independent associations and display their logo visibly on our products, so you can easily find what matters to you and your family.

Gluten Free

Canadian Celiac Association Gluten Free Stamp
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Certified Organic under the Canada Organic regime
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Dare products are Kosher UD/Kosher Pareve
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Dare is a proud member of RSPO since December 2017. 

Aliments du Quebec

Dare products
made in Quebec.
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Non GMO Project Verified

Verified by the Non GMO Project.
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Get connected with our food. See how SmartLabel® can help.

We are deeply committed to full transparency when it comes to our products and ingredients. That’s why we’ve partnered with trusted third-party source SmartLabel®, which provides detailed, up to date nutrition information on everything we make.

SmartLabel® gives consumers easy, instant, digital access to product information beyond what is on the printed product label. SmartLabel helps consumers make better informed decisions about the foods they eat.

It’s easy! You can access and view SmartLabel® and its information through your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. All of our product pages include the specific SmartLabel® information for that product, directly on the page.  You may also view this information on the SmartLabel site at