Vinta Avocado, BT

Got extra bacon? Make a great tasting snack! The richness of the avocado with the saltiness of the bacon and acidity of the tomato, mixed with the buttery notes of the Vinta cracker, is well worth the time spent making this dish. A plate full of these guys won’t last 5 minutes in the family room.

  • Difficulty


    Difficulty Level

  • Time

    20 min

    Total Time

  • Servings



Prep Time: 8 min | Cook Time: 12 min | Yield: 24


  • Avocado, Ripened, Mashed
  • Cooked Bacon, Crispy
  • Tomato, Diced & Seeded
  • Sea Salt


  1. Cook your bacon at 375F on Aluminum Foil in separate strips in the oven until crispy, cut into 1.5” pieces
  2. Seed your tomato, and dice the flesh
  3. Mash your Ripe Avocado, adding a pinch of sea salt
  4. Arrange on Vinta Rosemary cracker in the order of spreaded Avocado, Crispy Bacon, diced tomato, sea salt

Pro Tip

  • Sea salt can be substituted for kosher or flake salt
  • To seed a tomato just cut it into quarters, and use your knife in a U-shaped arc to cut out all the seedy center part, then you can dice the tomato flesh like you would a pepper
  • This recipe works great with Vinta Rosemary, but it can still be used with other great Vinta crackers like Original or Roasted Red Pepper